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Hosting WordPress On AWS EC2 – A Beginners Guide (11)

Once you install and activate this plugin, wordpress site slow you will have a new menu option called “downML”. Even if you have changed nothing on your site or have not installed any new plugins, your issue still can be caused by a previously installed plugin, for example when a plugin was updated automatically or in case there are plugin leftovers on your website. When running several plugins on your website, you’re in the end mixing a lot of 3rd party code together and there always is a risk of conflicts.

There are thousands of WordPress themes and plugins available on the market. There are lots of places online which will offer themes absolutely free and assorted others that may charge money for their prime quality premium themes. You may be in for a big surprise! Once you signup with Bluehost with our affiliate promo code you will get Free Lifetime access to our Premium WordPress themes where you can pick and install it on your new website.

Activate. Once activated, you will see a new icon on your visual editor. You can change many aspects of your site or WordPress theme and even see a live preview before you save your changes to the database. You’ll need to back up the database from the old site first. MySQL server and create a new database for our WordPress install.

  • WordPress Plugins
  • First things first! Backup your WordPress
  • In the Password text box, type the password for the database user you created in step 4
  • Remove any plugins that don’t need to be there and update everything that does
  • Go to the Domains page

Click the ADD DOMAIN button, and follow the instructions that appear, to add your domain registration to your server. Whether you’re looking to boost income during the coronavirus crisis or you’re looking to add a new income stream to your website, selling gift cards is an easy way to do it.

If you need to keep a site fully accessible to the public, but you need to make significant and disruptive changes, making a local development version of the site would be a great way to go. In fact, if you’re using Stripe, you’re really going to love how someone can make a payment without leaving the page.

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